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Profile in Musicians & Dancers directory.
Get Informed about concerts in your area.
Be informed about opportunities such as scholarships, competitions, festivals, events, jobs.
Free Profile page to showcase your talent and achievements to the world.
Meet other Members and be part of a network of thousands of artists in more than 170 countries.
ICMDA & ISO (quality control) certificates will be provided.
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3,000 /year

Provides discount on Booking of ICMDA Community halls up to 30% to 75% on basis of membership
Provides Concession for events and competitions up to 10 to 20%.
ICMDA will provide a free platform for teachers & students for classes all over the world.
Jobs recommendation ( temples & schools & ICMDA halls).
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Lifetime membership certificate.
Provides Insurence.
Financial support for Accidental Death.
Invitation to International Workshops & Events.
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International Carnatic Musicians & Dancers


  • Eligibility Membership in ICMDA shall be open to individuals and organizations that are only actively involved, familiar with, or supportive of Carnatic music and classical dance.
  • : Membership Categories a) Professional Individuals: ICMDA shall grant membership to any individual actively engaged in the profession of Carnatic music or classical dance. b) Organizational Members: ICMDA shall accept as members any organization, institution, or group that supports Carnatic music and classical dance.
  • Invitational Membership ICMDA reserves the right to extend invitations for membership based on an individual's notable achievements and contributions to the fields of Carnatic music and classical dance.
Code of Conduct

All members, upon registration, shall adhere to a code of conduct established by ICMDA

  • Adherence All members, upon registration, shall adhere to a code of conduct established by ICMDA.
  • Code of Conduct The code of conduct shall define the expected behavior, ethics, and professionalism required of all members. It shall encompass guidelines for interactions within the ICMDA community, performances, collaborations, and any activities affiliated with ICMDA.
  • Compliance Members shall uphold and promote the principles of the code of conduct. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action, as outlined in Bylaws
Disciplinary Actions
  • Violation of the code of conduct, bylaws, or regulations of ICMDA may lead to disciplinary actions.
  • The Executive Committee shall have the authority to enforce disciplinary measures, which may include, but are not limited to: a) Verbal or written warning b) Temporary suspension of membership privileges c) Permanent expulsion from ICMDA
  • Due Process Before imposing disciplinary measures, the member shall be given a fair opportunity to present their case to the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee ICMDA shall be governed by an Executive Committee composed of elected officers, including the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and additional members as needed.
  • Decision-Making Decisions related to membership acceptance, disciplinary actions, and amendments to the bylaws shall be made by the Executive Committee.

After submission of membership application along with the CV or profile.. Only approved candidates will receive the membership after verifying artistic excellency.