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International Carnatic Musicians & Dancers Association #1

International Carnatic Musicians& Dancers Association (ICMDA) is a body which aims to preserve and safeguard the honor and reputation of the Carnatic Music & Dance (South Indian classical music & Classical Dance Art Forms ) While protecting the interests of artists, irrespective of age, caste, creed, gender, nationality, etc., the international Carnatic Musicians & Dancers Association aims to provide avenues and opportunities for leveraging benefits, both financial and otherwise. The international Carnatic Musicians & Dancers Association hopes to build and promote better relationships between artists and government institutions, private organizations, media, rasikas, other cultural activities and sponsors & promoters.

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(Note: Lifetime membership with benefits at 25000 10000 INR (Opening Offer))
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Our Wings of Service

spans entire carnatic music and dance freternity

Thyagayya T.V

Full-fledged TV channel with an exclusive 24/7 focus on traditional classical Indian music and culture

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Thyagayya Charitable Trust

The Thyagayya Charitable Trust was established in 2016 with the objective of promoting Carnatic music and dance

ICMDA Academy

The ICMDA Academy is a Govt. Certified Grade Examination Board for Carnatic music and dance courses

ICMDA Health Tips

Health Tips for the Carnatic Musicians and Dancers community to prosper healthyly and flourish happily

ICMDA Health Asramam

Health care as a service for the carnatic musicians and dancers with the help of natural medicines


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